Published in Miror Magazine (Lucid Dreams)

This collection is a personal one for me.  I grew up in hospitals. I have had so many surgeries that I have lost count.  The stress that surgeries, health issues, cancer and/or death put on families, loved ones and everyone involved has no measure. 

I was very excited to get a cover in this beautiful Art Magazine. Twig looks beautiful with a bald cap on... although there was a lot of photoshop work needed to get rid of the glue and wrinkles in the cap. This image is titled HOPE... the model in this image is Twig Noir

This image is one of my favorites from this shoot. It is titled Compassion. The spikes on the caregiver are on her shoulders to represent the weight that she carries... This one is dedicated to not only the caregivers I have had in my life, but to all who gave comfort and compassion to someone in need. Thank You.
The models in this image are: Twig Noir and Leah Van Laanen

This image is titled TORN. As a caregiver you are pulled in so many directions trying to balance life and caring for the ill while still managing to take care yourself. I remember my sister who sat by my side for a month while I was in the hospital. She did the best she could to balance her life, her job and taking care of me. That is what the hands represent in this image. TORN.

Credits for The Caregivers shoot:
Photographer: Shanna Koltz
Body Painter/Artist: Otto Kustomz
Models: (ill-Twig Noir) (the Caregiver-Leah Van Laanen)
Beauty Makeup (Leah Van Laanen)
Concept/set design/styling: Shanna Koltz

There are 12 images that make up this collection. Each one has the name of an emotion that we go through in these trying times. Just a few examples are: Hope, comfort, compassion, surrender, torn and the fixer. To see this complete set in person watch for upcoming gallery showings. Also, part 2 titled "Sometimes the answer is NO" will be released sometime in 2015. Stay Tuned.