Image Title: You give me butterflies by Shanna Koltz

Image titled: Surrender (from the CAREGIVERS) Published in Mirior magazine (LUCID DREAMS) by Shanna Koltz
Model: Leah
Body Paint: Otto
Styling/ Set design/photography: Shanna Koltz

Image titled: Love Sick (Part of the clowns/Carnival Collection)2019

Image titled: Year 2020 (from the series Quarantine )

Image titled: Human Race (Part of the Decay collection). 2018

Dust to Dust (part of Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust Collection)

This is titled: Out of time by Shanna Koltz
Published in Cloud Orchid Magazine- COVER SHOT
Model: Leah
Body Painter/Artist: Otto

Image Title: Worship (part of the decay collection) 2018

Image Titled: Rainy Day (part of the Clown/Carnival Collection)2019

The Strength of a Woman. Part of clowns part 2

The tourchured artist
Body painting by Otto Ott

Image titled: The Window

Title: Cupid Gone Rouge
Have you ever wondered what would happen if cupid stopped believing in love?
Model: Nicole
MUA: Colour Law
Concept/Set design/ styling/Photography: Shanna Koltz

Caged. Part of the series (Caged~The Progression of Obsession)

Image title: Follow the yellow brick Shanna Koltz (this was published in a steam punk book. Shot at a colour law event that I helped organize) This was a colour Law event

Title: There is always a way out. By Shanna Koltz
Model: Twig Noir
Designer: Rachel Frank
MUA: Colour Law
Body Paint artist: Otto Kustomz
Pre shoot from APunk. A Colour Law event

Tick Tock Tick Tock the tick tick ticking of the biological clock
Body Painting: Otto Ott
Model: Twig Noir
Photographer: Shanna Koltz
Hair and Creative Assistant: Tim Corey

The Last Dance
Body Painting: Otto Ott
Model: Leah Van Laanen
Photographer: Shanna Koltz
Hair and Creative Assistant: Tim Corey

Mansaghetti ~ The secret is in the sauce.