Art Alley in De Pere, WI

Shanna Koltz and Naomi Moes- Jenkins collaborated on a public art installment that merges their 2D and 3D mediums into one cohesive conceptual art experience. The installation is a thought provoking display highlighting the importance of the honey bee to our eco system. We hope that this project will make people see that art can be more than pretty pictures… it can push boundaries, inspire creativity, provoke thought and public discussions while taking on a life of its own.  Visit the Alley at night and during the day... the experiance transforms.  You can find Art  Alley located in De Pere, WI on Main Ave. between Nicky's Pub and Gyro Kabobs.  


  • Details...We designed the planters and benches and they were artfully constructed by Tim Corey.

  • The Planters was constructed by Tim Corey and the Botanicals were provided by Landscape Artisans.

  • Flamingos Sculpted by Naomi Moes. I assisted in the mold making and reproduction.