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This collection was completed in 2021. It was shown in my studio "Studio Rouge" and currently 3 pieces are in an exhibit at The Neville Museum. I will post on my website once I am done showing it locally.  The collection is a 20 piece collection. "Heaven's Door" recieved a 2nd place award. "souls Song" Was in the Neville Annual Show and recieved a 3rd place award.  

Above are some of the publications that we have been in... Check them out

This page is the CLOWNS (part One)... it was published in Dark Beauty.  The clowns is an on going shoot for us... There are always more clowns to be photographed.  I will update this page with additional clowns (that have not been published yet) as well.  Stay tuned for more CLOWN MADNESS closer to Halloween this year.  

The Clowns Published in Dark Beauty (Tricks and Treat Issue )

This is a sample of one of my latest projects titled THE CLOWNS. This was a fun project and  planning for part two is currently taking place.Stay tuned for The Clowns part 2. 

This was published in Dark Beauty Magazine Tricks and Treat's Issue 36B 2014

The Clowns Part 1


These images are from the clown collection part 1. Featured in Dark Beauty's Halloween edition Tricks and Treats.Oct. 2014. This first image is the hobo.. the forgotten clown.
Model: KIP
Face Makeup Paint:Otto Kustomz
Styling/set design:Shanna Koltz

The scariest clown of them all is the everyday man... with a hidden desire to play dress up with his clown dolls in the attic.
Model: Jim
Face Paint: Otto Kustomz
Styling/Set design: Shanna Koltz

Which world is real?
Model: Sam
MUAH: Color Law and Team with Jessica
Styling/set design: Shanna Koltz

Which way is up?
Model: Leah
MUA:Colour Law
Styling/Set design: Shanna Koltz and Leah

The Vanity Clown....
MUA:Colour Law
Styling/Set design: Shanna Koltz and TWIG NOIR

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